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Education :


2005, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, NY


2003-2004 Internship: Lenox Hill Hospital, inpatient, and outpatient psychiatry units.


1999, M.A. in Expressive Therapies, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA


1996, B.A. in Psychology, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey


Postdoctoral Studies:


Candidate, New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy


Licenses and Certificates:

Licensed Psychologist in New York State, License No: 023328

Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Resolution Practitioner License, 2016.


Professional Experience:


2005- ongoing          Private clinical practice


1/2020- current        New School For Social Research, NY 

                              Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychology.

9/2018- current        New School For Social Research, NY

                               Visiting Scholar at the Psychology Department, Center for Attachment Research

9/2005- 7/2018     Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul

                              Assistant Professor of Psychology

                              Director of Certificate Programs of Creative Movement and Dance Therapy

Courses Taught: 


Graduate-level: Evidence-based Psychotherapies; Clinical Supervision; Cognitive Assessment, Personality Assessment,

                     Child Psychopathology and Psychotherapy, Introduction to Creative Arts Therapies, Supervision of

                     Psychological Testing; Professional Ethics

Undergraduate level: Child Development, Theories of Personality, 

                             Interpersonal Dynamics, Psychological Measurement



Catay, Z.; & Plevin, M. (2020). A Way to embodiment through aesthetic relationship: Transformational body tracings. In H. Wengrover, & S. Chaiklin (Eds). Dance and Creativity Within Dance Movement Therapy: International Perspectives. Routledge.

Güçlü, A.,& Çatay, Z. (in review) Hearing, Feeling, Sensing: How to do Somatic Countertransference Reactions Enter into the Field of Meaning Making in Psychotherapy.

Çatay, Z.,& Kologlugil, D. (2017). Impact of a support group for the caregivers at an orphanage in Turkey. Infant Mental Health Journal, 38(2), 289-305.

Çatay, Z. & Özcan, A. (2017). Arts Therapies with Children (In Turkish). In Dost-Gözkan, A., Kafescioglu, N., & Tahiroglu, D. (Eds.)  Play from the Perspective of Developmental Psychology and Psychotherapy. Istanbul: Ozyegin University Press.

Çatay, Z., Özgüle, M., & Güldöker, Ç. (2017).  Children’s perception of the violence project report.  

Çatay, Z.; Allen, R.;& Samstag, R. (2008). Maternal regulation strategies in the United States and Turkey: A brief report. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 39 (5), 644-649.

Select Conference Presentations and Workshops:

Guclu, A. & Çatay, Z. (June 2019). A qualitative investigation of bodily experiences of psychotherapists in the psychotherapy process. Poster presentation at the 35the annual meeting of SEPI (Society for Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration). Lisbon, Portugal.


Catay, Z. (March 2019). Embodied Trauma: Trauma’s Impact on the Body and Emotional Life. Presentation at the 3rd Creative Arts Therapies: Conversations in Healthcare And Therapeutic Transformation Conference by the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, New York, NY.


Plevin, M., & Çatay, Z. (October 2017). A way to embodiment: Transformational Body Tracings. Oral presentation at the 19th Herbstakademie titled Embodied Aesthetics: Resonance in Perception, Expression, and Therapy. Heidelberg, Germany.


Çatay, Z., Ergün, E., Özgüle, M., Güldöker, Ç. (May 2017). Children’s perception of violence: A Qualitative analysis through children’s verbal and artistic expressions. (In Turkish) Oral presentation at the Isık Savasır Clinical Psychology Symposium. Ankara, Turkey.


Catay, Z. (May 2017). Arts Therapies with Children. Invited presentation at the 53rd Turkish Pediatric Congress. Northern Cyprus. 

Plevin, M. & Catay, Z. (September 2016). A Way To Embodiment: Transformational Body Tracings. Oral presentation at the 2nd European Association for Dance Movement Therapy, Milan, Italy.


Catay, Z. (April 2016). Dance/Movement Therapy. Oral presentation at the 2nd National Conference on Arts Therapies and Creativity. Istanbul, Turkey.


Catay, Z. (April 2015). Arts Therapy Methods with Children. Invited presentation at the 34th Podiatry Days, Istanbul, Turkey.


Çatay, Z. (Oct 2015). Dance/Movement Therapy in Turkey: Working the Dough. Oral presentation at the international panel of the 50th American Dance Movement Therapy Conference. San Diego: USA.


Alözkan, C., Paker, M., Çatay, Z. (2014). Reading Between the Lines: The Rorschach Analysis of the Effects of Torture and Political Activism. Oral presentation at the 21st International Congress on Rorschach and Projective Methods. İstanbul, Turkey.


Çatay, Z. & Erten, M. (July 2013). Supporting Caregivers at a Turkish Orphanage. Oral presentation at the Congress of the International Society on Early Intervention, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Çatay, Z. (May 2013). Where does the body stand in relationality? (In Turkish). Oral presentation at the 5th. Isık Savasır Clinical Psychology Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey.

Çatay, Z. (Oct. 2013). Sound and its echo. (In Turkish). Oral presentation at the Istanbul Psychoanalysis Society 5th Music and Psychoanalysis Symposium. Istanbul, Turkey.


Fulya, A., Çatay, Z., & Çorapçı, F. (July 2011), The role of maternal emotion regulation, level of education and social context on maternal emotion socialization practices of mothers from Turkey. Oral presentation at the 16th National Psychology Congress. Istanbul, Turkey.  


Yorohan, R., Catay, Z.; & Ögel, K. (April 2012). Turkish adolescents’ experiences of violence. (In Turkish). Poster presentation at the 17th National Psychology Congress. Istanbul, Turkey.  


Çatay, Z., Alici, D., & Kologlugil, D. (August 2009). Developing the quality of care at a Turkish orphanage through a support group for caregivers. Poster presentation at the Conference of the European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Budapest.


Çatay, Z. (May 2008). Maternal socialization goals for preschool-aged children in a cultural context. Oral presentation at the 18th World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Istanbul.


Çatay, Z. (October 2008). Maternal regulation strategies and culture. (In Turkish) Oral Presentation at the Conference of Ankara University Center for Research on Child Culture, Ankara, Turkey. 


Çatay, Z. (September 2008). Dance Movement Therapy Workshop Conducted at the 15th National Psychology Congress, Istanbul. 


Çatay, Z. (July 2007). Moving in spaces: Resonating bodies resonating minds. Workshop conducted at the Annual Conference of International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. Athens, Greece. 


Çatay, Z. (September 2006). Discipline strategies used by mothers in Turkey and the United States: The impact of culture and socio-economic status. (In Turkish). Paper presented at the 14th National Psychology Congress. Ankara, Turkey. 


Algaç, G., & Çatay, Z. (September 2006). The influence of marital duration on the use of relationship maintenance strategies. (In Turkish).  Poster presentation at the 14th National Psychology Congress. Ankara, Turkey. 


Çatay, Z. (June 2006). Childrearing Values in the United States and Turkey: Understanding different facets of independence and relatedness in the cultural context. Oral presentation at the 18th International Congress of Cross-Cultural Association for Psychology. Spetses, Greece. 


Languages :

English, fluent

Turkish, native

French, intermediate

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